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posted Aug 26, 2011, 1:38 AM by Salvador Isip

 By: Maria Conita D. Navarro


      A teacher is part friend, confidant, motivator, coach, actor, and leader, They're always there for you. They genuinely care about not just about schoolwork, but about you and your family. "They" are teachers, and they are some of the most influential people you'll have in your life. School is an instrumental piece of  your life that you will never forget. And yet, the rate of children being home  but most of all a teacher is an individual that sparks intellect and encourages students to pursue knowledge on their own.

Teaching in other countries give you opportunities for adventure and the chance to escape from the humdrum of an entry level office job, while developing your innate capacity to learn and teach.

Classrooms would be a boring place if every teacher taught the same way, that is why you have to share yourself in the classroom and find the method of teaching that will be most effective for you and your students.

As you share your knowledge with your students in an open and honest manner you will find that they will return the favor tenfolds.

Care about what you do.  Understand that your job as a teacher is incredibly important.  This is not lip service, this is the truth.  Where would you be without the teachers you have experienced.  Think about those teachers who have inspired you.  Think about those teachers who may not have been the most popular, they may not have been the ones you wanted to have for home room, they may not have even been the ones you liked, but did you learn from them... 

Teachers are special people.  Be a teacher that students learn from.  Your aim shouldn't be to be the most popular teacher in school... Your aim should be to teach.  To be able to help students make connections with concepts. 

Forget for a moment how hokey this might sound - forget modesty for a moment and allow yourself to consider who and what a teacher really is...

    You can build confidence

·        You can empower your students

·        You can inspire the next generation

·        You can introduce ways of thinking

I love being a teacher. I can make a difference. Maybe you will too!