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Teachers on Continuing Education Upgrading Ones Profession

posted Jan 10, 2012, 6:56 PM by Ethel Senera

by Maria Leonora E. Pantig

It is imperative that teachers should undergo certain modes to continue upgrade ourselves in the profession we are in. There is  a need to grow more in our profession. The process includes classroom learning that will provide acquisition of knowledge, skills, proficiency and ethical, moral values expected to raise and enhance the professional skills as one tackle his day to day classroom management.


          This will ensure to improve ones competence in the teaching profession. A lot of trends emerge in she system that a teacher need to imbibe in order to make use of it and he able revitalize her career skills. The curriculum I getting enriched in lot of trends in Science, Math & IT that teacher should be aware and be competent to be able to improve classroom activities for he growth and improvement of her pupils. This is a way to nurture the profession towards the technical and ethical proficiency of the teachers. We need to grow professionally by enrolling to graduate schools, attending seminars - workshop in order to improve our craftsmanship in the profession.


          Significantly, continuing professional education will greatly develop the individual and be able to discharge her duties more professionally and efficiently.