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Teachers: Coping with Stress

posted Jan 10, 2012, 6:49 PM by Ethel Senera

by: Maria Leonora E. Pantig

Stress is usual experience of some people but most specially teachers. It has some physical and emotional effects on individual. Sometimes it gives negative feelings. As an individual stress can compel us to act in distress resulting to a negative influence such as distrust, rejection, anger and depression.

Teachers often encounter stress. That is coping a threatening situation of a problem in the classroom with their pupils, with her superiors, parents and comrades. Although everyday as teachers we encounter stress but we reacted differently. Sometimes we feel nervous and our hearts beat faster, but in times that we feel we cannot overcome such feelings we feel down and as if it is the end of the road. When this happened we are in a moment of fatigue, boredom and worry.

Teachers should know how to handle this situation. We should not be downed because many depend on the teachers. Her family, her students, and the system she is a part. Be sure you are healthy. Enough rest, healthy balanced diet and regular exercise may help. As individuals we must be realistic. We can admit our real self, our abilities that we are capable to do and we must belong to a group. Friends can help you handle stress. Be sure to prepare yourself to life decision making/ problem solving and the feeling of satisfaction of things you achieve. Be able to share your problems to others to lighten up burden. Resort to something relaxing through prayers, meditation, soothing music etc.

Let us not be confined to the threat a head of us. Look far and seek inspiration from others. Every day as a teacher looks at every pupil, his eagerness and beauty, excitement to learn must be an inspiration. Little petty problems can surely be managed well. Take time don’t be in a rush. Every moment has it’s our course to complete. Being in hurry will add to stress. With regards to work we only need proper planning, time management and appreciation of the good things we have done.