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Teacher Effectiveness in Classroom Instruction

posted Jan 10, 2012, 7:17 PM by Ethel Senera

by Elenita R. Tallorin

Teacher view their role in classroom management by the result of achievement of their pupils as an index of an optimum influence in their life. A teacher can be competent when he has a wide range of knowledge of the content he will teach. Secondly, the appropriate teaching styles, teaching practice that will encourage learning experience to attain skills and growth of students in the learning process. A teacher should have the ability to communicate  / via verbal, analytical and reflection of what students will do.

When a teacher sets her objectives and lay out his plans, he can design the activities needed for a specific learning tasks. The teacher is a role model that will inspire the students. As the students embark further in her studies the inspiration they derived from their teachers sets the value added enriching effectiveness on his students unknowingly continue to mold his students. Lets view the qualities of effective teachers. First his ideal concept development for things to be learned. Second his innovative styles that may not be observable but can carry out classroom management to the fullest such that knowledge are gained by the students and skills are adopted by the young minds. Third shows competence and expertise that undertaking those day to day learning students never will never doubt what he teaches. Forth creates a well-thought plans to execute and commends an ethical acceptance thus producing an environment which challenging so as to increasing  students achievement. Teachers as a person shows caring, fair, manifests respects with interaction , enthusiasm and motivates students to study more and be dedicated.

When we see teachers effectively shows skills in implementing instruction and uses strategies to derive expectations and uses questioning to tickle the minds for actions. They are said to be effective teachers, moreover as teachers we should believe in the heart that taking compassionate actions work better!