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Reengineering and Enhancing the K to 12 BASIC EDUCATION

posted Jan 10, 2012, 6:40 PM by Ethel Senera
by Maria Leonora E. Pantig

The past years have been years of major changes and development to improve quality education that is the adoption of BASIC EDUCATION BOTH FOR ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY.

Now the Present scenario is to overhaul the whole system and curriculum. At present innovations in these fields are on going to suit the programs and thrusts of DEP-ED to K to 12.

Basic Education for Elementary includes one year Kindergarden and 6 grade levels while the Secondary will start Grades 7,8,9 & 10 are now Junior HighSchool and 11th & 12th grade are on their Senior HighSchool. Not much change will happen in the Elementary Level and 2 years for HighSchool. Looking at the Elementary level not much will be affected but definitely Kindergarden Level will now be prerequisite for Admission to Grade I unlike before even if there is no Pre – Elem completion a child can be enrolled to grade I.

                        A lot of training programs will be conducted in order to prepare teachers both Elementary & Secondary for this new task and to focus them to a greater awareness of their rolls as they embark SY 2012 -2013.

                        The department of Education is all set the implementation of this curriculum believing that this will make our students globally competent for the basic knowledge our students need.