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Tips on How to Deal with Bored or Sleepy Pupils

posted Jun 14, 2011, 11:42 PM by Salvador Isip

 By: Annaliza S. Dispo


                   Boredom can be the result of boring instructions, unprepared presentation of the lesson or dull and less attractive classroom environment.

 A teacher usually motivates before presenting the lesson to arouse interest, however there are instances when some pupils feel sleepy or bored in the middle of discussion especially during the afternoon session.


       As a teacher, we have to think of ways on how we could deal with the effectively and here they are:

  1.         1.     Prepare a lesson that calls for interactive learning by groups.
  2.         2.     Prepare games to be played during the lesson proper (games should be related to the subject matter).
  3.         3.     Use different captivating visual aids and questions.
  4.         4.     Sing an energizing song before you begin your lessons.
  5.         5.     Praise them for participating in the discussion.
  6.         6.     Assign the bored, interactive or sleepy pupils to be leaders.
  7.         7.     Show your creativity as a teacher and expose your pupils to other interesting topics that are related to your lesson by making use of their manipulative skills.