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Kids Learn Responsibility

posted Jan 10, 2012, 7:05 PM by Ethel Senera

by Elenita R. Tallorin

Development of values is part of the curriculum. Responsibility is one core value that young and old should practice. It may mean beating deadlines, when end has to finish projects, keeping ones promise and accepts one’s fault. It is not an easy task to make students learn how to be responsible. Young as they are their responsibility are lesser but build up when they get older. As teachers it is important that we teach the real meaning of responsibility and how one can really be responsible.

As children grow they can define what responsibility is to their own opinion. We should acknowledge their efforts. We should affirm their goods showmanship because to improve self-esteem.

We can measure the extent of responsibility they manifests is by joining them. Observations will tell us how they have developed responsibility. Personal talk can gain how far he has developed responsibility. We start this development of value while they are still young. Constant reminders on their tasks will help improve their skills and commitment to be responsible. Responsibility is a value or trait that may start from waking up until he goes back to bed. When one learns this value, surely he will be a better and truly responsible person.