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Education: Most Important Investment

posted Jan 10, 2012, 6:22 PM by Ethel Senera

  By: Maria Leonora E. Pantig 

                 People believe that Education is the most important investment of the person himself and the government. For us to educate our children toward skills moral values and competence and become productive citizens are important knowledge imparted to them. This is preparing them for future responsibility as members of the society. Anchored in this dogma, our national government through the Department of Education improving its thrust and program are concenial to be able to educate the population of our country. Human resource competence of our people are very important in our society. Literacy of all kinds such basic, IT, Science & Technology & Numeral  are very vital skills to endow our youth. It will prepare them to be good citizens, hereby and knowledgeable citizens. It will make them aware of their responsibilities as citizens.


Moreover getting an access to education is not an instant process. It is an unceasing gaining skills from different tools of our education like provision of good building facilities, books, instruments, and vital instruction. Alternative Learning System are also provided to our less fortunate youth who has no opportunities to learn in formal classrooms. Believing that Education is preparation for life of our youth, the government and private sector join hands & efforts to give proper and quality education to our elementary and secondary. Education is improvement. When human resources are educated it will give a better society to live in.