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Balanga Elementary School SPED Center Soars High

posted Feb 9, 2012, 5:13 AM by Ethel Senera


Balanga Elementary School (B.E.S.) started offering special classes for Visually Impaired (V.I.) pupils in School Year 1999-2000 under Mrs. Emma C. Nicdao, the first teacher who provides special services for the children with special needs (CSNs) in this school. Mrs. Nicdao campaigned and searched V.I. children in the 12 towns of Bataan. RBI (Resources for the Blind) sent Mrs. Nicdao to various trainings and short term classes to develop professionally and be competent in her area. She loves educating these children because of her passion and dedication to her vocation.

In school year 2008, another SPED program and special services opened. Mrs. Charlotte C. Natividad, a SPED teacher handling children with other exceptionalities.  At first, she was only teaching children with hearing Impairment composed of 6 pupils from various barangays of Balanga and nearby towns. Later, the school also caters children with other impairments such as autism, orthopedically handicapped and learning disability. Despite of numerous concerns such as classroom, instructional materials and teacher aide, the enrolment increased and school community awareness for these children with special needs was deepened. At present, they have received many provisions because of the continuous support of the school, DEPED, LGU’s and NGO’s. 

Three years later, additional teaching force was given to open other program for exceptionalities by the DEPED central office. Mr. Randy Tallorin of Bani Elementary School and Ms. Rubila Nuñez of B.E.S., both regular primary teachers were employed as SPED teacher. The two started teaching Behavioral Problem and Autism last School Year 2011-2012.  Mr. Tallorin’s class is composed of Autism, Intellectual Disability and Behavioral Problem. For him,  everything is the same as what is in the classroom – writing desks, chairs, story books, cartolina cut-outs,  blackboard, teacher in front of the blackboard, and the children who wanted to get stars on their hand after doing their tasks, except, these special children are having their classes in a special setting.

Mrs. Nuñez is handling fourteen (14) children in her class, comprised of intellectual disability, autism, and orthopedically handicapped. Aside from various learning activities, her class program is centered on the development of self-help, socialization and motor skills of the children. She is very happy because most of her pupils now, know how to take care of themselves, write names, read syllables, numbers, can get along with each other and fond of going to school except when they have illness. 

In all, Balanga City Sped Center is developing through the continuous support of DEPED Family, local government, parents and other private linkages. Certainly, through the zealous and fervent guidance of their SPED Teachers these children will become a functioning individual of the society.