Narrative Report on

Special Instruction Program for the Project Reading After Progress 



             Selected Grade One and Two teachers serve as Reading Teachers for Special Instruction Reading Program for 116 pupils identified non-reader in English Grades II and III. The reading program started September 10, 2013 everyday 3:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon. Parental consents was distributed and to motivate the children to attend every day, the school give free snacks.

The following are the lists of Reading Teachers:

1. Evelyn Gaita

2. Rosario Dasig

3. Alyn Mendiola

4. Ana Liza Rint

5. Analyn Lugtu

6. Karen Romero

7. Arlene Isip

8. Charlie Lomibao

9. Adora Sarile

10. Elma Patungan

11. Ruby Anne Dinglasan

List of Grade Two Pupils who undergo the SIP-PRAP:

1. Mercado, Louis Gabriel

2. San Gabriel, Nathaniel John L.

3. Agustin, Pauline Mae

4. Manila, E-Jay

5. Manzanilla , Erica Krizelle

6. Itubay, Luis Gabriel M.

7. Estabillo, Paula Mae

8. Itubay, Mark Win Chester S.

9. Martin, Kevin Lester

10. Robles, Angela Maricar

11. Memoracion, Laurence V.

12. Tuazon, Luis Daniel

13. Garcia, Roanne

14. Belardo, Jenny L.

15. Dionisio, Jomilyn C.

16. Santiago, Ma. Lilibeth

17. Ralph Lorenz

18. Guese, Hanz Chester

19. Garon, Justine Cedrick V.

20. Santos, Maycole Jasmin B.

21. Musni, John Fae L.

22. Lopez, Danilo Jr.

23. Lima, Kian Zedrick C.

24. Villegas, Romar C.

25. Vitalicio, Joshua Michael

26. Paguio, Adrian

27. Romano, John Raye M.

28. Soriano, Kirvyn Daniel L.

29. Oliveria, Precious Angel P.

30. Besonia, John Arvee S.

31. Reyes, Chester Marlie R.

32. Sumandal, Axexell L.

33. Orbeta, Mark Jared

34. Padilla, May

35. Aguinaldo, Mariz

36. Tuazon, Oscar D.

37. Austria, Maria Cathalina T.

38. Sales, John Andrew

39. Tejada, Rowena G.

40. Asiado, Christian

41. Cruz, Jermaine

42. Maglaque, Leianna Mae

43. Villanueva, Christian Paul

44. Inocencio, Sheereene Mae

45. Sadia, Mabee

46. Castillo, Crispin

47. Calayag, John Lloyd

48. Lopez, G.C. Boy

49. Baradas, Mark Paul S.

50. Sumilar, John Armando C.

51. Castillo, Jomar

52. Wilson, Dexter

53. Salazar, Mark Andrei P.

54. Mendoza, Reynaldo

55. Mariano, Dalwin Dirt

56. Evangelista, John Khert

57. Guevarra, Saimon Raphael

58. Lovico, Princes Honey

59. Barin, Nike Ainsley

60. Dela Cruz, Tyron

61. Dilig, Micco I.

62. Dela Paz, Raymar D.

63. Bartolome, John Rhommel L.

64. Diwa, John Emmanuel B.

65. Fernandez, Ronald P.

66. Magallnes, Jelo

67. Penaroyo, John Razz

68. Salvador, Daimier E.

69. Mallari, Gabriel

70. Robles, Ivan Joseph

71. Yambao, Thonie Ann Q.

72. Velasco, Mark Lorens

73. Garcia, Kenvey Aico P.

74. Mendoza, John Edward

75. Baluyot, Julius M.

76. Calma, Franco Anthony

77. Jimenez, Archie S.

78. Sanchez, Rhejhel

79. Angeles, Jared Chelsea

80. Jaraba, John Aeron R.

81. Vinta, Mary Grace C.

82. Gaño, Ken Leonard D.

83. Perez, Nicole Ann

84. Atienza, Rose Ann

85. Desales, Clark Kent A.

Grade Three Pupils who undergo SIP-PRAP:

1. Rubiano, John Ema

2. Sereno, Christian Louis

3. Manalo, John Carlo

4. Lantin, Carmina

5. Ortiz, Mary Sofia D.

6. Ortiz, Mary Grace D.

7. Paradela, Carlos Miguel

8. Austria, John Ivan

9. Buenaventura, John Christian

10. Ramirez, John Lloyd B.

11. Maravilla, Cyron Alfred

12. Manalaysay, Danielle Ace

13. Rodriguez, JM L.

14. Austria, Yancy M.

15. Sebastian, John Michael

16. Chavez, Mark Anthony

17. Almario, Arieson

18. Matawaran, Princess Laika

19. Ruiz, Joshua R.

20. Vertido, Leomar

21. Santiago, Adrian

22. Inocencio, Bronzon

23. Escoto, John Sherwin

24. Cuasay, Mark Angelo

25. Suelto, Clarenz Jaime

26. Canasa, Ricca

27. Agulto, Sheryll Jane

28. Lim, Jeromae

29. Ambongan, Mary Lie

30. Villanueva, Christian Elvis

31. Candaza, Justine Jade

                                                      Prepared by:

                                                                                                     KAREN D. ROMERO

                                                                                                     Reading Coordinator

“Hand in Hand We Can” – GPTA


           by: Hannah Bettina Sanchez


“Hand in Hand We Can” – GPTA

by: Hannah Bettina Sanchez

            Balanga Elementary School is indeed lucky for having a set of hardworking and dedicated General Parents and Teachers Association ( GPTA ) officers. They really started their term with a boom. The GPTA officers are headed by  Ptr. Christopher Ballester as President; Engr. Imelda T. Rubiano-Vice President; Mrs. JennyM. Ruiz-Secretary; Mrs. Maria Teresa L. Robles-Treasurer; Mr. Elias Almelor-Asst. treasurer; Dr. Allan Valdecanas- Auditor; Mr. Manolito Salazar & Mrs. Jocelyn Cubol-Business Managers; Hon. JojoTallorin-P.R.O.; Mrs. Joy Cruz, Mrs. Lilibeth Villanueva, Mrs. LaarniAbendan, Mrs. Susan Camacho, Mrs. Dahlia Jose and Mrs. Charlotte Natividad are the Board of Directors. GPTA sets new trend in governing the association by bringing closer the parents and the teachers through one common goal. They work hand in hand to be of service to the school to the best they can. The following are the activities collaboratively undertaken by parents, teachers and school children.



BRIGADA ESKWELA Parents, teachers, community members, government and non-government organizations work as volunteers in the annual clean-up and repair of public schools to make it ready for the opening of classes.

CLEAN-UP DRIVE This is set every 3rd Friday of the month. The activity aims to prevent health problems like dengue and leptospirosis outbreak and other related issues that root from floods and dirty surroundings.

FAMILyDAy A week-long celebration of activities and competitions where BES pupils and parents  participated to unleash their talents. Sept. 23- SLOGAN WRITING CONTEST Sept. 24- POSTER MAKING CONTEST Sept. 25-SINGING CONTEST ( Mother & Child/ Father & Son Tandem) Sept. 26- SEARCH FOR TALENTADONG PAMILYA Sept. 27- AWARDING CEREMONY

TEACHERS’ DAy TRIBUTE In recognition to the role of teachers as their partners  in bringing the best to the pupils, GPTA held a Cocktail Party for BES teaching and non-teaching staff on October 3, 2013. Lots of fun and surprises were witnessed by everyone.

ZOMBIE RUN A Halloween celebration and fund-raising activity held on October 25, 2013. Tickets were sold to the school children as their passes to different booths  such as Horror,  Kabaong, Wedding, Jail, Tattoo, Kiss Stamp, Balloon and Photo. Proceeds of this activity will go to the Water Pipe Line Upgrading



          “No amount of success can compensate the failure at home.”

          “If a man cannot find his happiness with his family, then, he wouldn't find it anywhere.”

          Our family is one of the precious gifts from our Almighty God. We are indeed lucky if we have a happy and caring family.

          In line with that, Balanga Elementary School is annually conducting a program to honor every Filipino family through a week-long celebration. Various competitions were held to sustain the enjoyment and happiness during the event.

          Family members were given chance to showcase their endowed talents like their singing and artistic prowess.

          Such celebration is indeed a remarkable one. It is just a concrete proof that every education institute gives great consideration to every Filipino family.


                                                                                                        Grade IV Teachers

SPG, YES-O Join Tree Planting

by: Angelo Ivan N. Sarile

Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) and Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O) officers, members and advisers joined the tree planting activity held on September 20, 2013 at Dona Francisca Park, Balanga City. The said activity was supported by the City Environment and Natural Resources (CENRO), headed by Mrs. Nelia Castor. They were provided 200 Mahogany seedlings for the park and 100 assorted forest trees for the school. The tree planting activity was in line with DepEd  Memo No. 165 s. 2013 declaring the 20th of September as National Tree Planting Day with the theme “Education for Peace” and also a support to Executive Order No. 26, otherwise known as National Greening Program.