FEEDING PROGRAM‎(August 2013)‎

 Feeding Program, Still On-Going

by: Chiles T. Camacho

Balanga Elementary School (BES) in partnership with the JVR Foundation, Incorporated and K-Servico  sponsor an on-going  feeding program that caters 55 undernourished pupils from Kindergarten to Grade VI which started in the month of September and will last until January, 2014.During the first quarter of the school year,  all the pupils underwent height and weight measurement in order to get their  body mass index  (BMI) that determined the feeding program’s beneficiaries. The pupils concerned are under close watch of Mrs. Rosario Adrados and Mrs. Raquel Hidalgo, the school canteen heads and EPP teachers and are undergoing strict nutritional food intakes and regular weight checking.  In addition, they have been taught about good table manners and thanksgiving prayer. It is expected that before the end of the feeding program, the beneficiaries will be considered healthy and more productive.