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“Running for something is more fun than running from something”. 

By: Hanika Nishin Danque

This is the theme of the Balanga Elementary School (BES) Fun Run activity scheduled on October 10, 2015. It is a 3-kilometer run that will start at Plaza Mayor de Balanga at exactly 5:00am. All teachers including non-teaching staff and students with  their parents or guardians are encouraged to join this activity.

            This will help raise funds for the benefit of the sports athlete and it will also help our body to be healthy and fit. Do you know that running or jogging is a good exercise especially for children like us because it will help build strong bones and strengthen our muscles?

            Aside from the physical jogging, here are some of the helpful things we can get from this exercise. 1. In running or jogging you

            can meet new friends. 2. You can do it anywhere, you don't need to look for a place in this activity.

3. It can save you money because you don’t have to  buy  balls,  rackets,benefits   of   running   or bikes  and  other  sports equipment.

4. It will boost your memory because  exercising  will keep your mind sharp.

5. It will make you appreciate the nature more, like the scent  of  fresh  air,  the beauty   of   greenfields, plants, flowers, trees  and butterflies around you.

6. You  can  have  a  good night  sleep  because  it helps relax your body at night.

7. It will keep stress away because running or jogging  will  calm  your mind. These  are  some  of  the good  benefits  of  running, so fellow students  let’s run, let’s exercise, let’s support our school and be counted.