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ICT in Balanga Elementary School

posted Jul 10, 2011, 5:04 AM by Salvador Isip

By Annaliza S. Dispo



            Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in schools can make the learners adapt and respond to the changing environment which recognizes the importance of technology towards a global trend in communication and innovation in learning so that they can have an access to information through different types of media.


            Since BES is a school with a computer laboratory, we have envisioned that all learners be equipped with computer manipulative skills. School ICT program starts way back year 2005 up to present which teaches basic computer literacy to the primary grades (I-III) and internet management to intermediate class (IV-VI). We believe that it is also a must for teachers to learn computer technology to be a part in the modernization of education. So in support to the City Government Teachnology project which is the Computer- Based Lesson Plan (CBLP), a training design will be crafted to suit the need of the teachers. The objective of this project is to make BES ICT laboratory a hub for those who are in search of knowledge using the computer. There will be a maximum of 15 teachers to take up the basic computer literacy course for four (4) Saturdays. We are optimistic that giving chance to teachers to get abreast of advance technology through computerization will be beneficial for them.