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A Glimpse of Our Science Hero

posted Feb 18, 2016, 1:48 PM by Ethel Senera

by: Candice Claire A. Cuevas

Some may think he is a boy wonder, some may say he is a genius and for some, he is a science wizard, but we all know one thing for sure… He is a CHAMPION. Are you ready to meet him?

Tristan Benedict T. Madarang, the 10-year old science wizard of Balanga Elementary School is hailed champion in the recent National Children’s Science Congress held in La Vista Pansol Resort, Calamba, Laguna. He is really a science genius, no doubt about that, because prior to this prestigious contest, he bagged the first place award in the Division and Regional Level Science Quiz Bee 4 respectively, which made him the representative of Region III in the national level. Being the champion for the National Level National Children’s Science Congress is simply the cherry on top of all his success!

I have got the chance and the pleasure of interviewing our champion, Tristan. So let’s get to know him more…

Q: Are Science and Mathematics your favorite subjects?
Tristan: Yes, Science and Mathematics are my favorite subjects.

Q: So every time you will join a contest, how does a “ Tristan Madarang ” prepare for the competition?
Tristan: I review a lot and I work and study really hard.

Q: During your preparation for the contest, do you still get the chance to play video games, or sports?
Tristan: Yes, but only sometimes.

Q: Speaking of which, aside from studying, what are your hobbies?
Tristan: My hobbies are playing basketball and reading.

Q: Who and/or what inspires and motivates you to do your best?
Tristan: Who inspires me to do my best are my teachers, my parents and my relatives.

Q: What is/are your ambition/s in life?
Tristan: I want to be an Engineer or a Doctor someday.

Q: To all children and pupils like you, what is your advice to them?
Tristan: My advice to them is that if you want to achieve something, you must work and pray hard.

There you have it! A few glimpse of Tristan’s “secret” to success. There is no wonder why some thinks he is a boy wonder. Achieving many awards at a very young age is truly amazing! He is such a good role model for all of us. 

May Tristan’s achievements inspire us to strive for more and study hard, and maybe someday have our own achievements as well!
Congratulations, Tristan Benedict Z. Madarang!!! You make our beloved school proud!!!