posted May 11, 2011, 8:02 PM by Salvador Isip

by: Krisha Elizabeth B. Gaddi


             It was a landslide victory for the ANGEL( Active, Nice, God-fearing and Effective Leaders) Party in this year’s Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) Election which was held last Feb. 22, 2011. Campaign managers Angel Mae Sarile, Anissa Koreen Merida, Austin James Ilaya and Patricia de Mesa attributed their victory to the party’s unity and the qualifications of the candidates. They further said that BES pupils now are looking for excellent examples from their student leaders and not just good promises from the candidates. This year’s SPG officers are:


Mayor:  Rombert Joseph Emiel D. Cruz

Vice Mayor:  Jose Joshua Gabriel B. Rico

Secretary:  Chiles T. Camacho

Treasurer:  Kyra Jean T. Cruz

Auditor:  Clarizze C. Doton

P.I.O.:  John Paolo D. Santoyo

Peace Officer:  Jana Marie D. Santoyo


Grade III –Frances Rae Santos

                  -Joseph Ronald Roque

                  -Angelo Medina


Grade IV -Edrielle Mira Malibiran

                  -Rona Mae Fabrigas

                  -Alliona dela Rueda


Grade V –Krisha Elizabeth Gaddi

                 -Arjay Cruz

                 -Angelique Rose Santos


            For them as new set of SPG officers, promises are meant to be kept and implemented.